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    Great Guana Cay Foundation was formed due to Hurricane Dorian on September 1, when the eye of Hurricane Dorian made landfall on the Abaco Islands with maximum sustained winds of 185 mph (295 km/h), making it the strongest hurricane on record to affect the Bahamas.

    After 36 hours of battering the island, Hurricane Dorian left families homeless and virtually destroyed the land. Rains and storm surge 18-23 feet above sea level forced evacuation and initially affected relief efforts and communication. Hurricane Dorian knocked out the power, water, telecommunications, and sewage service in the Abacos.

  •  Great Guana Cay Foundation

Hurricane Dorian slammed into Great Guana Cay and created devastation beyond words and photos.

Mission Statement

Provide sustainable rebuilding of Bahamian homes, community areas including parks and roads, buildings and businesses as defined in our strategic plan.

  • Leadership Team

    Bahamian: Jimmy Albury
    Bahamian: Troy Albury
    Bahamian: Jamie Bethel
    Bahamian: Johnny Roberts
    Bahamian: Mikey Roberts


    Officers of Great Guana Cay Foundation

    President: Tami Siewruk Director
    Vice President: Jimmy Albury Director
    Treasure: Jamie Bethal Director
    Secretary: Johnny Roberts

  • Support Team Great Guana Cay Foundation

    • Bahamian Volunteer: Troy Sands  Generators and Transportation
    • Bahamian Volunteer: Ricky Sands USA based  fulfillment and Logistics
    • American Volunteer: Katie Hoog Fundraising USA based fulfillment and Logistics
    • Canadian Volunteer: Leanne Gravelle Johnny Transportation Communications
    • American Volunteer: Michelle Ruiz Supply Center, Marketing, Volunteers
    • American Volunteer: Tami Siewruk
    • American Volunteer: Mike Schott On going support
    • American Volunteer: Mike Puopolo Rebuild Guana Cay Foundation Representative
    • American Volunteers: Bethany Puopolo and Sanford Steinberg Architects
    • American Volunteer: Susi Homer Chairman of The Warrant Committee. The warrant committee’s function is to review various foundations on monies spent to ensure they reach Guana Cay.


    Supporting Organizations


The community of Great Guana Cay affected by Hurricane Dorian urgently needs your help. Please fill out the donation form to make a much-needed gift.

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