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Great Guana Cay Foundation

The selection of Great Guana Cay Foundation for all community donations was unanimously made by our Leadership Team:

Bahamian: Jimmy Albury
Bahamian: Troy and Maria Albury
Bahamian: Jamie Bethal
Bahamian Johnny Roberts
Bahamian Mikie Roberts
Bahamian: Charles and Donna Sands

We are working on funding, volunteers and  materials from the following Foundations.

  • Discovery Land Foundation
  • ONE Bahamas Fund
  • IdeaRelief
  • Global First Responders


Families affected by Hurricane Dorian urgently need your help. Please donate to make a much-needed gift. Reminder you must clearly state your contribution is for Guana Cay.

We are currently working on the below project.

Air Curtain Firebox for Great Guana Cay


A matching donation is being made to the Great Guana Cay Foundation for approximately $63k from a Foundation in Nassau Bahamas. We (Guana Cay) needs to raise $63k. Clint Beaty has raised $25k of this amount, including a $10k. Personal contribution. Thank you, Clint for setting up the match and working with the Nassau foundation to make this happen! The balance of 38k must be raised privately. If you can contribute, please contact Tami Siewruk,, or call 727-480-5425, and she will advise how this money needs to be donated to the Foundation. Please note This equipment will be available to second homeowners and will save them the cost of burnable shipping items off the cay as paid by their insurance company. Please consider donating to the Air Curtain Firebox project.


In the aftermath of hurricane Dorian, the Abacos are faced with a massive amount of storm and demolition debris. Great Guana Cay, which is located in the Abacos, is no different. Currently, they have mountains of waste, which is causing health and fire risks. Efficient and effective removal of this is key to the overall recovery of the island. 

In researching various methodologies to deal with this, I discovered the United States’ extensive use of Air Curtain Fireboxes in a myriad of ways, including disaster relief efforts. 

Equipment Specifics

The equipment is manufactured by Air Burners, which is the number one manufacturer of Air Curtain Burner Systems in the world. They hold the patents on air curtain burners and have been in business for decades. The machines are tested by the best environmental agencies, including the US EPA, US Department of Homeland Security, US Forest Service, and the UK and Australian governments. These systems are used worldwide to support land clearing operations, demolition debris removal, disaster recovery for clearing the aftermath from the storm and flood damage, and landfill operations to help reduce wood waste and similar waste streams.

The model we have targeted for Great Guana Cay is the Firebox 220 – a self-contained, wholly assembled above ground Air Curtain Burner (air curtain incinerator or FireBox) with a refractory lined burn-container for portable and permanent (stationary) applications.

The air burner is designed for the high-temperature burning of forest slash, agricultural green waste, land clearing debris, storm debris, and other waste streams in compliance with the requirements of US EPA 40CFR60.

The Firebox 220 is shipped from the factory completely assembled, ready for immediate

use and does not require disassembly for relocation. The Air Burners FireBox 220 is the most economical and environmentally sound method of eliminating wood and vegetative waste. The FireBox 220 will reduce your waste to approximately two percent of its original weight, leaving you with clean carbon ash that can be turned into the local soil

The Firebox 220 unit has a frame size of approximately 8 feet high by 8 feet wide and a manifold length of 20 feet. This biomass burning machine arrives fully assembled and tested, ready for operation. These air curtain burner machines are typically shipped on a flat rack for ocean travel and by a flat deck or drop deck trailers for over the road transport. The FireBox 220 can be either dragged on to the trailer with a winch or lifted on to the trailer. The unit can also be dragged around the site on its skid base. The Firebox 220 has two doors at the rear for ash removal. Waste throughput is 4 to 7 tons per hour while burning approximately 2 gallons of diesel fuel an hour. It comes with a 49HP 3 cylinder turbo diesel engine and weighs about 35,000 pounds.


Specific Application For Great Guana Cay

In the near term, this equipment will be used by the residents to safely consolidate and burn storm debris as well as construction and demolition materials from destroyed vertical structures/homes. Longer-term, the equipment will be used to augment the island’s waste management process and procedures providing a “green” solution in both cases.

The equipment will be located on the former landfill site located between Orchid Bay and the settlement and placed into service. (shown as an “X” on the graphic below)

We will be working with the Discovery Land Foundation to have this air burner shipped to Guana Cay per our original agreement for Relief item shipping.

As agreed:

  • Jimmy Albury
  • Troy Albury
  • Jamie Bethel
  • Clint Beaty
  • Mark Stacy
  • Tami Siewruk

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