Great Guana Cay Seawall Project

Great Guana Cay Seawall Project

We are seeking a volunteer to help us with the Great Guana Cay Harbour Seawall Project. Prior to building a Seawall an evaluation needs to be done by a geotechnical engineering firm, the following design considerations need to be addressed to be able to properly assess the condition of the Seawall to determine a proper course of action for a new sea wall assembly:
Topography: Elevations, grading, etc.
Soil Properties: Unit weight of soil, clay vs. sand, soil compaction / density etc.
Embedment / Stability: Depth of wall required for stability
Water Table: Differential water levels behind and in front of walls can introduce additional loading on the wall
Wall Material Properties: Strength and performance of materials in the marine environment
Surcharge: Live loads behind the wall such as ground water, runoff, vehicles, structures, etc.

These additional design considerations that we need help addressing by a marine contractor/engineer for seawalls:

  • Tidal Action
  • Wave Over-topping
  • Storm Surge
  • Toe Scour
Please reach out to Tami Siewruk at 727 480 5425 or 242 825 5197 if you know of someone who would like to help us on this project.

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