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 Guana Cay Foundation was formed due to September 1, when the eye of Hurricane Dorian made landfall on the Abaco Islands with maximum sustained winds of 185 mph (295 km/h), making it the strongest hurricane on record to affect the Bahamas.

After 36 hours of battering the island, Hurricane Dorian left families homeless and virtually destroyed the land. Rains and storm surge 18-23 feet above sea level forced evacuation and initially affected relief efforts and communication. Hurricane Dorian knocked out the power, water, telecommunications, and sewage service on the Abacos.

Your donation makes a difference today on  Guana Cay, Abacos.

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Mission Statement

Provide sustainable rebuilding of Bahamian homes, community land& buildings and businesses as defined in our strategic plan.

  • Leadership Team

    Bahamian: Jimmy Albury
    Bahamian: Troy Albury
    Bahamian: Jamie Bethal
    Bahamian: Johnny Roberts
    Bahamian: Mikey Roberts

    Board of Directors of Great Guana Cay Foundation

    Tommy Creenan North Guana homeowner Pending Election

    Terry Lightbourne Flip Flops & Dolphin Beach homeowner Pending Election

    Sanford Steinberg  Orchid Bay homeowner Pending Election

    Heidi Loverud Tozer Dolphin Beach homeowner  Pending Election

    Steve Suddath South Guana homeowner Pending Approval and Election

    Johnny Roberts Settlement homeowner & Business Owner

    Troy Albury Settlement homeowner & Business Owner Pending Election

    Baker’s Bay homeowner Pending approval Pending Election

    Officers of Great Guana Cay Foundation

    President: Tami Siewruk Director
    Vice President: Jimmy Albury Director
    Treasure: Jamie Bethal Director
    Secretary: Johnny Roberts

  • Support Team Great Guana Cay Foundation

    • Bahamian Volunteer: Troy Sands Command Center VHF and Generators
    • Bahamian Volunteer: Ricky Sands USA based  fulfillment and Logistics
    • American Volunteer: Katie Hoog Fundraising USA based fulfillment and Logistics
    • Canadian Volunteer: Leanne Gravelle Johnny Transportation Communications
    • American Volunteer: Michelle Ruiz Supply Center
    • American Volunteer: Tami Siewruk
    • American Volunteer: Mike Schott Food Services
    • American Volunteer: Mike Puopolo Second Home Owners Coalition
    • American Volunteer: Bethany Puopolo and Sanford Steinberg Architects

    Supporting Organizations

    Idea Relief
    Bakers Bay and Starfish

Our Work:

  1. Bakers Bay is working on providing Guana Cay four containers that will be moved off and back onto the Cay.
  2. The firehouse has been taken care of complete with a brand-new truck and equipment, training, and other support through Bakers and United 25.
  3.  The Medical Clinic for the tennis court location is being donated by Bakers Bay, complete with all equipment and supplies. It has its generator and AC. Jeff’s permit is in progress. We are securing a full-time Doctor and the clinic will be released to us.
  4. Steve and Davis are working on five houses to complete with their foundation.
  5. The power supply to the island is a work in progress.
  6. We have 31 local homes we are working on.
  7. Fig Tree rebuild grant has been submitted for approval.

We are asking  other foundations to work on:

Community Bulkhead

Community Seawall

Landscaping  per our working plan

Two community trucks

Community street lights



The community of Great Guana Cay affected by Hurricane Dorian urgently needs your help. Please fill out the donation form to make a much-needed gift.


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