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We have been creating a “Love Great Guana Cay” online auction. We’re hoping to raise $150,000. To buy building materials for Great Guana Cay, we are relying on donated items to help us raise these funds.

Would you consider donating an item to our Love Great Guana Cay auction? Do you work for a company or know of a company that could donate an item? We are specifically looking for items that can be shipped to the donor that are non-Guana related and items that are related to Guana Cay. Our goal is to reach people that may have never been to Guana.

Private chef for dinner,
Dive trip,
Hotel Stays,
Personal services performed by your staff, your board or a group of your supporters,
Unique community experiences – perhaps lunch with a respected professor or author, behind-the-scenes with a local broadcaster, etc.
Once-in-a-lifetime experiences —walk-on part in a movie, dinner for eight cooked by a celebrity chef, box seats for the World Series, the opportunity to conduct the symphony.
One-week house rental
Massage package
Dinner for two and limo at_____.
Restaurant gift certificates
Wine and wine collections
Vacation getaways
Sporting event tickets
Entertainment (concerts, theater, symphony, opera, ballet) tickets
Gift packages of any of the items described above

If you have merchandise, a service, or an item that could help us raise money, please reply to this email, and either Michelle or I will be in touch with you to discuss your contribution! Please send us photos, item descriptions, details, and estimated value.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and for sharing your love for Guana Cay.
Tami Siewruk and Michelle Ruiz
Great Guana Cay Volunteers or


  1. Tami Siewruk and Michelle Ruiz
    Great Guana Cay Volunteers
    We have visited Great Guana Cay several times. Fell in love with the island and people. I have 2 (two) framed oil paintings I did after our trip in April 2019. I would like to donate. Need email to send pictures to see if you are interested.

  2. We spent 8 years on Guana as my husband worked in Bakers Bay. I have many bracelets, pendants , earrings, votives, etc.. made from sea glass I collected on Guana Cay beaches. How can I send it?

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